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Text Link Guide

Find the way to get the theme based text link. Here are few guidelines that you need to take care while purchasing links with any website. factors like Page Rank, Number of Outbound Links from that page, Industry Relevance or theme of the page, Anchor Text, Dynamic Link Pages, Java Script Link Pages, Re-Directed Links, Frame Sites and Text Link Depth.

PageRank or PR of the Linking Page:- Higher the PR of the linking page, higher the value you get. The home page PR is not as important, but it is an indicator of how much PR a linking page may jump to, in due course of time.

Page Quality and theme:- Getting a link from a PR4 page that has only 10 outgoing links is much better than getting a link from a PR4 page that has 60 outgoing links. With the same philosophy, it is better to get a link from a PR2 link page that has only 10 outgoing links than getting a link from a PR4 page that has over 100 outgoing links. Search engines give high importance to links pointing to your site from your own industry related pages as opposed to those from an un-related industry.

Anchor Text:- Anchor Text is the visible hyperlinked text on a web page. Since anchor text is very important, make sure that your most important keywords appear in anchor text from the link pointing to your site.

Frame Sites:- Avoid getting links from framed sites as search engines cannot read texts within frames. A link placed on a frame site would not get your site any benefit, as search engines would not be able to recognize such a link.

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